The Legacy of Kano Jigoro
−Judo and Education−




 Edited by The Committee
 for the Commemoration of
 the 150th Anniversary of
 the Birth of Jigoro Kano

 Translated by Tom Kain

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・発売日 2020年11月
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The founder of judo, Kano Jigoro, is a highly revered figure amongst those who pursue the sport. Little is known, however, about his various other achievements, from how he laid out the foundation for sports in Japanese education to his immense devotion and commitment to bringing the Olympic Games to Japan.

Born in 1860, Kano showed his brightness from a young age and studied hard from childhood. After graduating from Tokyo Imperial University, the most prestigious school, he embarked on a teaching career which eventually led him to become the headmaster of the Tokyo Higher Normal School for a total of twenty-three years. This was just one of the many roles he undertook; aside from this he was chairman of the Japan Amateur Sports Association and became the first Asian member on the International Olympic Committee. And all the while he never ceased to develop and promote his creation, judo.

For the first time, this comprehensive biography written by a team of Kano experts and researchers sheds light on the many dimensions of the legendary figure. It depicts how he truly lived life to the fullest by living out his own words?seiryoku zen’yo and jita kyoei?the best practical use of one’s energies and putting one’s efforts to good use for the benefit of both oneself and society.

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